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Rat Rod Picture Hey fellas this is Fat Tony! (the rat rod king!) And welcome to my website, it's called Rat Rod Stuff.com and on my website you can check out my "hand-picked" deals on rat rods, rat rod trucks, rat rod roadsters, rat rod parts, custom rat rods, and even rat rod style clothes! (yes, it's true... even you can dress like Fat Tony)

Rat Rod Tony.

I spend all day (in between several games of craps, a little bowling, and of course slobbering over rat rods) scanning ebay for all the rat rod related auctions and compile them here on this website. You will not find any other website that will make it quicker or easier for you to find rat rod stuff than this website.


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ALL-NEW Rat Rod Image Gallery

Rat-Rod Image Gallery
Please come check out our all-new and updated rat rod image gallery. Feel free to upload your own images of your rat rod or rat rods you like. Images of Rat Rods, Barn Finds, Projects, Street Rods and more!

Rat Rod Work Shirt

Need a shirt to tool around in in your rat rod? How about just to look cool in your garage? We have found some great deals on sweet retro looking rat rod work shirts.

More Rat Rod Stuff

Rat Rod Stuff

Featured Rat-RodRat rods are a modern day automobile phenomenon! And for good reason, is there anything more cool than a rough and tumble "partially finished" street rod? Rat rods are a rolling tribute to the 1950's hod rods that we all love so much. Except rat rods aren't "candy coated" fancy, untouchable, undriveable, ultra-expensive rides that most hot rods have evolved into. Rat rods are for fun!

What is a rat rod?

Many people have asked me what is a rat rod? Want to know more about what makes a rat rod a rat rod? Click here and let me enlighten you. I have also prepared a simple overview on how to build a rat rod.

Rat Rod Picture

Rat rods come in many flavors: coupes, t-buckets, pickups and even newer vehicles are being converted into "unfinished" rat rod style cars. One of the more interesting trends in rat rods is turning VW Beetles into street scraping rat rods! I was skeptical at first but I admit now I do like VW rat rods.Rat Rod Wheel Buick, Cadillac , Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Lincoln, Mercury, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac, Studebaker, Volkswagen all are targets for rat rod customizations, trust me I have seen almost every flavor of rat rod and the cool thing is new rat rods are popping up everyday and I am here to find them for you!

Rat Rod Babes and Posters

Are your garage walls boring? (like mine were) Spice them up with an old-school rat rod poster. Also, we found some cool vintage car manuals and literature that is fun to toss in your glove box and make your rat rod seem that much more authentic. One thing I really enjoy is browsing through magazines that feature rat rods, we have found great deals on those as well!

Send us a picture of your rat rod

You asked so we obliged! About a 3 years ago we at RatRodStuff.com took a poll and asked what feature you would most like us to add to this website. The overwhelming winner was that our visitors (that's you) wanted us to add a Rat Rod Image Gallery so that we could all view and share images of Rat Rods. Well the new gallery is ready! All we need now is images from you. The gallery is entirely free to use, although you must register if you want to actually upload images. So, lets see those rat rods, those barn finds and those rat rod projects you are working on in your garage. Check out our free rat rod image gallery today!

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email.

- Fat Tony

Rat Rod Show 2012

This years rat rod show at Colorado National Speedway should be in late summer 2012, I will post the date of the rat rod show as soon as it's announced. Dozens of sweet rides will be there strutting their stuff around the 3/8ths mile paved oval. I will be there to take a few pictures and put them in the RatRodStuff.com image gallery so make sure to check them out when you have time. The owner of the track loved the event last year and promised to invite the rat rods back every year.