Who is Rat Rod Tony?

Every day I get an email that asks... who are you? Well, I'm rat rod Tony! At least that's what my friends and most of my enemies call me. I grew up in a family that has a long history with hot rods and rat rods. Therefore rat rods have become my passion.

Am I a rat rod expert? Of course not! There is no such thing as a rat rod expert. Rat rods are a way of life more than they are a definition of a car. Rat rodding is evolving as we speak. The rides that were not considered a rat rod yesterday might be considered a rat rod tomorrow. It's all in the eye of the beholder.

The rat rod community is a very welcoming community so don't be afraid to jump in the water because the water is great. Find a local rat rod show and introduce yourself to the folks there. The next thing ya know you will be a integral part of the rat rod culture.

Rat Rod Tony on Twitter

Rat Rods on TwitterOk, I finally signed up for a Twitter account because no matter where I go I hear about "tweet this" and "tweet that", turns out Twitter is pretty cool so I plan on using it a bunch to communicate with other Rat Rod enthusiasts on Twitter. If you have a Twitter account please consider following me on Twitter. Send me a note and I will gladly follow you back!

If you don't use Twitter and have any questions or concerns please fell free to contact me at info@ratrodstuff.com

- Tony
Rat rod Tony