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Welcome to the Rat Rod Locator. Rat rodding is my passion. In fact, my friends call me "Tony the Rat Rod King". I love snooping through garages, barns, car shows, and the internet, searching for the best deals and hidden treasures for all things related to rat rods. I created the Rat Rod Locator so you could quickly find the best deals on the most popular style of rat rods. You can also go straight to my online store RatRodStuff.com if you just want to browse for rat rod stuff. Click a button below to have me round up the very best deals for each type of rat rod.


Rat Rods for sale Rat rods for sale. This is where you go to find every rat rod that is for sale on the internet. All brands, styles and types are listed.
Rat Rod Chevy's for sale. Chevy trucks, coupes, and wild customs are for listed here. Rat rod Chevy
Rat Rod Ford for sale Rat Rod Ford's for sale. Ford trucks, coupes, roadsters, and wild rat rod customs are for listed here.
Rat Rod Truck locator. Find the best deals on rat rod trucks on the internet. Hand picked just for you, by me! Rat Rod Trucks
Rat Rod Roadsters Rat Rod Roadsters for sale. Hand picked deals on rat rod roadsters of all kinds hand picked by Fat Tony the "Rat Rod King".
The new wave of rat rodding are VW Rat Rods. I have found the best of the best and rounded up these VW Rat Rod bugs for you here. VW Rat Rods
Barn finds Every rat rod starts out as a barn find at some point. This is the "left behind" rusty old forgotton treasure that you can turn into the sweetest rat rod on the strip. Locate barn finds here.


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